BalCannes Stories Behind the Projects: One Book for Peace

One Book for Peace, by New Moment New Ideas Company Y & R, is last year’s best project according to the agency jury. We spoke about it with Jasmina Nikolić, New Moment’s Client Service Director. Jasmina revealed to us that the book attracted the attention of even the British Prime Minister Theresa May! Find out below what else she shared about this multi-award-winning project.

We came up with the idea

At the regional New Moment team building OHRIDEA, just after winning the Titanium lion in 2013. Having won that first lion for the project of our Macedonian agency’s Joint Prayer project, we continued to think about what else we could do to spread the MESSAGE OF PEACE. A couple of years later, an ideal client appeared, and our previous thoughts came to life in the idea of ​​One Book for Peace, which has won as many as seven Cannes lions so far.

Our guiding thought was

There is a lot more of what connects us than what separates us. One book for peace brings together the teachings of the holy books Bible and Quran, showing a comparative presentation of the similarity of their messages. By highlighting the similarities, the purpose of this book is to revive the dialogue between religions and encourage conversation among ordinary people.

During the implementation, the biggest challenge we faced was

The sensitivity of the topic. This is why we have hired an expert in comparative theology Mirnes Kovač, and two theologians, one for Islam and one for Christianity. They were our closest associates, in order to make sure that we do not insult any members of any of the two religions. Also, Al Jazeera was the first to support the project and gave us space for the premier introduction of the book.

The greatest contribution of this campaign is

The fact that The One become an important topic at numerous global religious conferences, from New York, Turkey, UAE, Vienna to Berlin, that many influential people around the world know about it, that libraries from all continents are asking for it and the electronic version of the book was downloaded in extraordinary numbers.

And it is special because…

Of its simplicity. We decided that the book will be the basic medium for transmitting the message. The book presents ten verses from the Bible and Quran respectively, relating to ten universal topics close to all people of the world: one God, Peace, Justice, Love, Family and Neighbors, the Holiness of Life, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humanity and Hope.

When it comes to our project, we are most proud of…

The global success it has achieved.

If we were to go from scratch again…

We would do everything the same. 🙂

Throughout the process we learned…

That nothing is impossible.

What you certainly did not know was…

That a letter from the British Prime Minister Theresa May was sent to us to thank us for sending her the book.

In addition to a lion from BalCannes, we have also won…

Seven Cannes Lions, a Gold at Eurobest, an Epica Award, an ICCO PR Award for Best Non-Profit PR Campaign in the world, one Golden Drum, two golds at Sempl, a few golds on UEPS-and a special recognition of the Serbian Public Relations Society.

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