Leo Burnett Belgrade

Leo Burnett Belgrade


Danila Lekića 31

Belgrade, Srbija

ČLANICA Member of IAAMember of UEPS

For the last seven consecutive years, Leo Burnett Belgrade has been recognized as The Most Successful Communication Agency in Serbia, based on the National Bank of Serbia's data and local leading AD Magazine, as well as on the results of the economy according to final accounts, revenue, profit and number of employees. In addition, Leo Burnett Belgrade is the only advertising agency in Serbia that has received an award for outstanding business performance by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce in its 35 years of history. Furthermore, in 2010 Leo Burnett was awarded as “The Best agency in the Adriatic Region”. Leo Burnett looks after some of the most successful brands and clients in Serbia, contributing to their great business performance. Clients include Philip Morris, Vip mobile, Strauss Adriatic, Samsung, Fiat Group Serbia, Procter &Gamble, Molson Coors – Apatinska brewery, Jaffa AD, Travel House…etc.