A lion under your hand gets you to Cannes!

Once again, you are offered a unique opportunity to present your work to clients from across the region – on June 1st, BalCannes launches applications! Top 25 projects of the region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia) will be selected, seven of which will receive special BalCannes awards – shiny lions. Only the best project will receive a special lion which knows the route to Cannes.

The entry code for the regional top 25 is seemingly simple: the originality of the creative idea, the quality of its performance and market relevance. But everyone knows it is not that simple – successfulness of many combinations of elements that bring results will be judged by a jury of representatives divided into three groups: clients, agencies and the media. The best results in the market are achieved with the synergy of these three perspectives, and BalCannes is the only competition where you can find out first-hand how your projects are perceived by each of the three jury’s separately.

Small projects or large campaigns; domestic projects, and those for foreign markets – as long as they were approved by clients and carried out between May 1st, 2018 and September 1st, 2019, everything counts. In mother tongue or in English, with or without subtitles – everything goes! It is important that the video summary application lasts up to 3 minutes, is in .mp4 format, min. resolution 1280 x 720, max. 170 MB. The video summary should contain creative materials, short description of the set of challenges, the market context, as well as the achieved solution and the obtained results. We will not ask you to reveal your formula for success, but feel free to go all out and show us what you got.

Special offers 4 + 1 gratis and 7 + 3 gratis: If you sign up with four projects, you can sign up for the fifth free of charge, and if you are particularly diligent and prepare seven projects, you will be able to apply three more free of charge. All BalCannes applicants will also receive a special discount for the Weekend Media Festival registration fee (it is not included in the BalCannes application fee).

The project submission confirms that the client agreed to the application and that all conditions in the competition manual are met. Projects that have already competed at BalCannes cannot be reapplied – so put new projects in order and prepare them for the Weekend Media Festival stage. Show everybody the lion you hide inside you – applications are open on from June 1st to September 1st, 2019!

According to the results of the vote on top 25 projects, BalCannes will award the following:

  1. Best BalCannes Agency
  2. Best BalCannes Project
  3. Special Jury of Clients Award
  4. Special Jury of Agencies Award
  5. Special Jury of Journalists Award
  6. Best Foreign Market Project
  7. Best Regional Project.

All winners at BalCannes will be awarded one statue per winning project, and it is possible to take home more awards – but only if you win them. Project presentations will be seen not only by international clients, the top 25 will also be celebrated on BalCannes Yellow Pages and will be given eternal glory in the new Creative Portfolio edition.

The biggest lion, winner of Best BalCannes Agency award, will have the chance to apply one project to Cannes Lions 2020, at the expense of BalCannes organizers. The winner will prepare the application in accordance with the rules of competition available at

For all information on BalCannes, visit or contact us by phone at +385 1 581 00 33 and e-mail at And don’t wait for the last moment – because lions never sleep.