What is BalCannes

For years now thousands of marketing professionals, including advertisers, media and agencies, have been gathering at the Weekend Media Festival. That is why Rovinj is the best place for the initiative aptly named BalCannes, which provides the agencies in the SEE region with an opportunity to present themselves to the regional market by showcasing their best projects. At the same time, it is an opportunity for the advertisers to learn about the top-quality marketing practices from six different countries in the region in a single place!

The purpose of BalCannes is not to be a competition but to provide an overview of sorts of the region’s agency market, thus giving the advertisers an excellent opportunity to learn about the best agency projects as well as a useful tool for selecting an agency that will provide them with the best marketing support available. As for the agencies, it is a unique opportunity to find out firsthand what is going on outside the borders of their respective countries. Therefore, all advertising agencies from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia are welcome to present their top projects at BalCannes.

All the submitted entries will be shown as part of the BalCannes screening program at the Weekend Media Festival and BalCannes Yellow Pages, which is an online database comprising the best agencies in the region, available all year long and featuring only projects and agencies participating in the BalCannes showcase.

Even though the project is not a competition, agency representatives will be able to additionally showcase the total of 25 most interesting projects to all the participants via 5-minute presentations at the main Weekend Hall, during festival primetime, and some of them will be part of BalCannes panel series. In addition, Media Marketing will award the best regional BalCannes agency with a special recognition.

Further information about participating in BalCannes is available HERE.