Six reasons to enter BalCannes

Little time is left until the seventh edition of BalCannes, the regional competition of the best agencies – more precisely, just three weeks till the opening.

Entries are open until Friday, September 7, and if you’re still weighing whether to click on the registration link or not, consider the six reasons why you should do this:

1. Introduce yourself to clients

Over the years, regional agency directors, creatives and numerous participants have recognized BalCannes as a platform that provides agencies with the opportunity to present themselves to a large number of advertisers, potential clients and the media.

2. Conquer Cannes

The best agency of BalCannes will have the chance to compete with their projects at the Cannes Lions 2019, world’s largest international festival of creativity.

3. Be one of the top agencies in the region

Over the years BalCannes has established itself as a place where agency works from across the region are awarded by representatives of the entire industry, and it’s a project that nurtures the specificities of the market and its consumers on a regional level.

4. Learn how your projects are seen by clients, agencies and the media respectively

Only at BalCannes, thanks to the unique concept of competition, you can have the insight into the separate opinions of different representatives of the profession; clients, agencies and journalists.

5. Become a part of the BalCannes Yellow Pages base

All entered projects become a part of BalCannes Yellow Pages, an online database of advertising agencies that serves throughout the year as a useful tool for advertisers looking for new business partners.

6. List your projects in Creative Portfolio by Media Marketing

Creative Portfolio is a book published annually by Media Marketing, which collects all awarded projects of the communication industry, BalCannes included. Every campaign in the book is presented starting from the first phase of the project – from the brief to the results, followed by key visuals.

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