BalCannes Stories Behind the Projects: Dear Mr. President

Igor Mladinović, Executive Creative Director of Imago Ogilvy, which won two awards for the project Dear Mr. President at last year’s BalCannes – the one for the best project of BalCannes and the special award of the advertisers jury – in a brief conversation with BalCannes’ organizers reveals how the idea for this award-winning project came about.

We came up with the idea … by walking the unknown and untrodden paths, as it usually goes with big ideas.

Our guiding thought was … strong as a ship, and imbued with the desire to make a campaign that will make a good and lasting change in the world.

The greatest contribution of this campaign was … that we have shown that commercial advertising can and should be socially relevant and influence the world around it.

And it is special because … of the way we realized it, living that story day and night.

When it comes to our project, I’m most proud of … the three of us (Ivana, Darko and I).

If we were to go from scratch … we would do everyting the same.

Throughout the process we learned … that when you live what you do, then limits are only there to cross them, not to stop you.

What you certainly did not know was … that the Swiss are sending a large ship to the Mediterranean that serves only for the migratory birds to rest on it.

In addition to the lions, from the BalCannes I also took home … muscle pains after I dragged the lions to my car.

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