About Us

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HURA – The Croatian Association of Communications Agencies (HURA!) is the leading industry association in the market communications sector in Croatia. Our members are some of the best and most acclaimed Croatian agencies.  Together, we organise the Days of Communications, a national advertising festival featuring industry competitions (Effie, IdejaX, and Young Lions), HURA’s HOWtoWOW marketing academy, BalCannes regional marketing agency showcase and numerous other projects. Our goal is to improve market conditions and advance the entire industry, which includes lobbying, negotiating with legislators, promoting the profession, conducting research, producing industry statistics, consulting and more. Abroad, we work as a part of EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies), and we are the exclusive representative of Cannes Lions and Effie Worldwide for Croatia.

WEEKEND MEDIA FESTIVAL – This is the twelfth edition of the Weekend Media Festival, a well-known event attracting the top names and experts in the communications industry and the business world, showcases new drivers, offers new perspectives on the business and new and creative solutions to real business issues, teaches about new trends, gathers the necessary information from the neighboring countries and, all the while, guarantees great fun. In line with the everyday, continued changes, the three-day festival gathers new visionaries and future-oriented individuals who will redefine business as it used to be.

BalCannes is supported by professional associations across the region, including Serbian Marketing Communications Association (UEPS), International Advertising Association (IAA) Serbia, Serbian Public Relations Association (DSOJ), Slovenian Advertising Chamber (SOZ), Marketing and Advertising Association Macedonia (MAAM), Montenegro Marketing Communications Association (AMAC) and Croatian Association of Communication Agencies (HURA).

BalCannes Team

Chairman, HURA:
Davor Bruketa – davor.bruketa@hura.hr

Executive Director, HURA:
Dunja Ivana Ballondunja.ballon@hura.hr

Project Manager, HURA:
Silvija Kovačić – silvija.kovacic@hura.hr

Executive Director, Marketing & Sponsorships, Weekend Media Festival:
Zelda Bećirevićzelda.becirevic@weekendmediafestival.com