How to participate

BalCannes is open for application for all interested agencies from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia. Eligible for submission are works and campaigns that were published in the period between May 1, 2013 and July 1, 2014 (it is essential that the entries were shown at least partly, during the period in question). The application process will stay open until September 1, 2014. All entries can be submitted in either the language of origin or in English.

Furthermore, entries should be submitted in the form of 3-minute videos (an mp4 video file, min. resolution 720 x 576, max. 120 MB) showing the creative materials and briefly describing the set challenges and market context as well as the selected solution and achieved results. Each entry should also clearly and concisely, in the best possible way, describe the project and present it to one’s colleagues from the region.

The submission and application process is carried out online ( at a fee of EUR 112 / HRK 850 + VAT (25%) per entry for HURA, SOZ, IAA and AMAC members, and others can apply at a full fee of EUR 132 / HRK 999 + VAT (25%).

Last year’s entries can be found HERE.

New entries can be applied HERE.

Registration fees for Weekend Media Festival

All those companies who apply for BalCannes will get a special discount to Weekend Media Festival’s registration fee: in their case the fee will amount to HRK 2,200 + VAT 25% (the fee in question is not included in the BalCannes’ application fee).