BalCannes Stories Behind the Projects: Casting

Some things are too good to be true – one of them is Iskon’s FULL bundle.

Brief that the agency Señor got from their Iskon Internet client was: Some things are too good to be true – one of them is Iskon’s FULL bundle.

Such a brief created a problem: How to show its superiority in a sea of „the best“ bundle packages?

Señor found the solution in the fact that some things are so good that they are hard to describe, and one of them is the Iskon FULL bundle.

The agency engaged the best and most awarded Croatian actors Lana Barić, Nina Violić and Krešimir Mikić to relay the superiority of Iskon’s new bundle. Whether they have succeeded see for yourself, look out for TV spots, reminders and adverts online and radio and outdoor formats.

The results? It’s hard to describe client’s satisfaction: sales growth of 15% compared to a previous campaign which won the Golden Effie.

We talked about the Casting campaign with Vanja Blumenšajn, the “very creative director” of the Señor agency.

We came up with the idea… two days before the pitch. Due to the delay of launching the mobile network, we just benched an already done campaign and faced a new challenge.

Our guiding thought was… to make a full sales campaign that people will be fully open to watch.

During the realization, the biggest problem we encountered was… how to endure the longest editing ever. Three days of watching great materials, and looking for the ideal tone and rhythm, so the finals wouldn’t have even a single surplus or lacking frame.

The greatest contribution of this campaign was… that, apart from creating a new, super successful platform for Iskon, we reminded the audience of how fun and talented our actors are, and that perhaps sometimes one should watch something more than just a commercial.

And it is special because… it showed that something doesn’t have to be expensive and over the top to look smart and fun.

When it comes to our project, we are most proud of… ourselves, because we caught a good idea and stayed true to it in the production phase.

If we were to go from scratch… it wouldn’t be so exciting.

Throughout the process we learned… that no one can do everything on their own, and that sometimes that’s absolutely ok.

What you certainly didn’t know… is that for one of the roles we even considered Meryl Streep, but she didn’t get the role on account of her bad Croatian language.

Apart from the award at BalCannes, we also got… the Campaign of the Year Award at the Ideja X!

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