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BBDO Worldwide is the most awarded network in the history of the advertising business, and one of the largest in the world. It was established in 1928. Today it has 15,000 employees in 289 agencies in 81 countries. BBDO is part of Omnicom Group Inc. leading global company for advertising, marketing and corporate communications. With an impressive portfolio of creative advertising, BBDO focuses on the philosophy of "the work, the work, the work," because "at BBDO the work includes all kinds of creative content that can touch consumer and reinforce the brand."

In Ovation BBDO we belive that brands are like people. Each has its own story and each requires a unique approach full of attention and patience. Therefore, any task that is set before us, we see as a unique challenge to become better and more successful for us and our clients. The solutions we offer are primarily designed to "work" for the brand and satisfy our high creative standards. We believe that the ideas are there to be shared and reassessed in order to find the best solution. To make this possible, our team is made up of very different, but mature and talented individuals who are experienced professionals and versatile personalities. What we all have in common is the belief that our future and the welfare of our clients is summed up in the philosophy: "the work, the work, the work."