Futoška 2/7

Novi Sad, Serbia

Homepage is a digital marketing agency which provides complete range of service for our clients in the virtual world, from the planning to the implementation of online approach. It is our mission to help clients to improve their communication and how to use internet and mobile technologies in achieving their business and communication goals. We have experience with the profit and nonprofit sectors. Our team is comprised of developers, designers, experts in online communication, web promotion etc. Our employees are experienced designers and implementers of Facebook applications and applications for various mobile platforms (Android, iOS). The most important thing for achieving optimal results for the money invested in project is the fact that we have experienced personnel engaged in analysis of needs and possible effects, as well as planning online performance which is the first step in achieving cooperation. With the large number of associates in the region we can take care of the client’s online approach, using the turnkey principle all together with the full control and interaction with them.