Prime Communications

Prime Communications

Meše Selimovića 55

Banja Luka 78000, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Prime Communications is a Public Relations, Marketing and Communications agency, founded in 2002 with a clear vision to develop into an agency which will provide highest quality services in the fields of PR to it's clients and to help development and education of PR profession.
Prime Communications is the leading full-service corporate communications, research and public affairs agency in RS and one of the leading in BiH.
The only BiH agency with offices in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, Prime Communications has also built its position as the one which, besides PR and Marketing services, provides best quality services in graphic and web design, online communication, researches, event management and business education.

Prime Communications is made of a 20 ambitious, energetic, leadership oriented and highly motivated people who work in several sectors :

• Public Relations
• Public Opinion Research
• Web design
• Graphic design
• Online communication
• Event Management
• Press clipping and media monitoring
• Media analysis
• Marketing
• Education